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Enter your 10 digit phone number and voicemail password, verify that you are not a robot, then click the login button. To log out, return to this page by clicking the logout link above.

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The information on this page applies to service used with a Linksys or Sipura analog terminal adapter. If you are using a Polycom IP phone click here for the users guide.

Feature Instructions
Basic Account Setup / One Number Access One Number Access is the feature that allows you to configure an alternate number where you can be reached, how long your phone rings, whether voicemail answers if you do not, and an optional email address and/or text message address for the delivery of voice messages. Click the One Number Access tab above.

Voicemail can be configured to answer your calls if you do not. You can also configure voicemail to deliver a copy of all messages as an audio file attachment to an email address of your choice, or the details of the message to a text messaging address of your choice.

To access your voicemail simply dial your number, press the * key during your voicemail greeting, and then follow the prompts. If you are calling from your VoIP phone line, and your caller ID number is not blocked, your mailbox number will be detected and you will only need to enter your password.

To turn voicemail on or off, configure the amount of time before voicemail picks up, and set an email address and/or text message address for delivery of messages, use the One Number Access Configuration page.

Please note that deleting a voicemail message from your email does not delete the message from your voicemail box. Your voicemail box has a storage limit of 50 messages.

Your mailbox number is your full 10 digit phone number.

Dialing a number in the USA or Canada (and other locations with a 3 digit North American area code) When your service was established you may have been given the option to choose a 7 digit dialing plan or a 10 digit dialing plan. If you were not given this option the 10 digit dialing plan applies.

10 Digit Dialing Plan - All numbers in North America that have a 3 digit area code are dialed as the area code plus the 7 digit local number, for a total of 10 dialed digits. A leading 1 is not required, but can be included if you wish.

7 Digit Dialing Plan - All numbers within your home area code can be dialed with just the 7 local digits, the area code is not required. All numbers outside of your home area code MUST be dialed with a leading 1 and the area code, for a total of 11 dialed digits.

Failure to dial according to your selected dialing plan may result in unpredictable dialing and long connection delays. If you are unsure about which plan you selected, or you would like to change your selected plan, please contact technical support. 7 digit dialing is not supported in all markets.
Dialing an International Number

Start by dialing 011 for international long distance, then the country code, then any remaining digits. Because international numbers vary in length, you will notice a brief pause after you finish dialing and before the call is completed. All international calls and calls to US territories not within the 50 state local calling area will be billed at the current rate for the destination dialed. International rates can be viewed by clicking the International Rates tab at the top of this page.

Feature Activation Codes

Feature Description Enable Code Disable Code
Caller ID Displays the caller's telephone number and name when available. Requires a telephone with Caller ID display capability. NA NA
Block Caller ID Presentation - All Calls Enable or disable presentation of your telephone number on ALL outgoing calls. Enable prevents presentation of your number, disable allows presentation of your number. *67 *68
Block Caller ID Presentation - Per Call Enable or disable presentation of your telephone number for a SINGLE outgoing call. Enable prevents presentation of your number, disable allows presentation of your number. *81 *82
Call Waiting - All Calls

Notifies you when a 3rd party calls during an active call. A call waiting tone will alert you of a new call. On telephones with Call Waiting Caller ID capability the 3rd parties' number and name will be displayed when available. Use the flash button on your phone to accept the 3rd call, placing the original call on hold, you can use the flash key to switch between calls as often as you like. If you do not have a flash button on your phone you can momentarily press the "hook switch" on your phone to simulate the flash feature.

*56 *57
Call Waiting - Per Call

Allows you to disable or enable Call Waiting for a single call.

*71 *70
Call Transfer and 3-Way Calling

During a call you can press the flash key or hook switch momentarily and you will hear 3 short beeps followed by dial tone, the other party will be placed on hold, you can then dial a third party. Once the third party starts ringing you can either press the flash key or hook switch to join all three parties in a single 3-way call, or hang up to connect the remaining 2 callers. You can perform a blind transfer by hanging up before the third party answers, or an attended transfer by hanging up after the third party has answered.

Last Call Return

Dials the phone number of the last caller if caller ID information was available for the last call. Can be used for answered or un-answered calls.

*69 NA
Auto Redial

Redials the last number you called. If the number called is idle the call will ring through and complete normally. If the called number is busy the user will hear a special announcement and the feature will monitor the called number for up to 30 minutes. When both lines are idle, the user hears a special ring. During the monitoring process the user can continue to originate and receive calls without affecting the Call Return on Busy request. Call Return on Busy requests can be canceled by dialing the disable code.

*66 *86